Today I decide to tell my story because I want to get rid of everything that I kept and erased from my mind on purpose when I was unconsciously in pain inside. I also do this for the survivors, because we are no longer staying quiet, and because I don’t want this to happen to another woman again. Last year I met a DJ in his promotion in Ohito, Buenos Aires (a hostel where some promotions have parties and some artists also live). I used to frequent this place with my friends. He always approached me greeting me. He put me on his guest list and I always got the impression he wanted more, as he was very suggestive. A couple of times he kissed me and I accepted because he was very insistent, and he always wanted something more to happen, sending me messages saying that he was going to fuck me at the after party, which made me uncomfortable. And when he was at Ohito he insisted that we go to his room but I made excuses because I did NOT want to. One day I left my things in his room, but I wanted to leave before the end of the after party, so I asked him if I could go get them. He walked me in and I went in and then he closed the door. He automatically threw himself on top of me to kiss me. I laughed because I got very nervous, I said NO, he didn’t give in. I went into his bathroom to put on a T-shirt to go outside (because it was cold), he followed me in to the bathroom insisting, and he started touching my whole body. He pulled his penis out in front of me and grabbed my hand for me to touch it. To which I always said NO, NO to everything because I did not know how to get rid of him, I got very nervous and the situation scared me, I finished changing and I left as quickly as I could. From then on my mind completely blocked this fact, because I had a very bad time and I no longer wanted to remember it, because I blamed myself for it, blamed myself for having agreed to kiss him without wanting to and for having gone alone to his room to look for my stuff. Later I realized that no matter how much we kissed, and we had a good time, I did not give him permission over me or my body, when I repeatedly said no, he did care about my plea’s and putting me in that situation, when I just wanted to change and go home.