Bicycle Health

A comprehensive guide to sexual abuse and assault

Good Night Out Campaign

Helping nightlife spaces and organisations better understand, respond to, and prevent sexual harassment and assault, through specialist training, policy support and an accreditation programme.

Good Night out Vancouver

Good Night Out Vancouver is BC-Based Society Committed To building community capacity to prevent and respond to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in all sectors, with a focus on Hospitality, Music, Arts, and Nightlife.

End Violence Against Women

EVAW is a leading coalition of specialist women’s support services, researchers, activists, survivors and NGOs working to end violence against women and girls in all its forms.

Four 4 Consent

Offering in-depth training for club and festival staff as well as materials for party goers on sexual harassment and how to spot, stop and report it.

#Ask for Angela (South Australia)

#Ask for Angela (London, UK)

An international campaign which allows patrons of participating venues to “ask for Angela” at the bar if they feel unsafe. The venue then has a responsibility to discreetly help the patron leave the venue and away from the potential threat.

Developing Safer Spaces in Nightlife Exchange – guide outline by Pauli Cakes, Sermon 3 Recordings, DaniRev, Danny Orlowski, Marley Parker

Resource and education material for venues and promoters on how to create “safer spaces” from the ethics, to how to right through to security staff expectations.

No Tekno Safety Policy – written by Adrian Blount aka GodxXx Noirphiles, from House of Living Colors

Resource of current Policy and Awareness around harassment, racism, bullying, homophobia, ableism and accessibility, oppression, violence, sexism and trans-misogyny at No Tekno, as an example which can be adopted to venues worldwide.

Les MigraS – Anti-violence and anti-discrimination resource group

Strategies for dealing with violence and discrimination as well as offering counselling and legal support, website information is available in a number of languages; Arabic, Italian, German, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Spanish and French.