I was at a club in Berlin and one of the staff members, who has been involved with the club for a long time, and I’ve known as a friend for years, was there, though quite drunk. He was quite handsy with me and made a lot of sexual insinuations, even though I am not gay myself, and wasn’t really taking the hints that I wasn’t interested. When myself and a few others were all going to the toilet to do some drugs, he joined along and made even further advances, even so far as grabbing my crotch and commenting on the size of my penis and how he’d be curious to see it. THEN he went so far as to try and push me in to the stall, all the while making some glamorous promises about how he could help me to get an EP on the label for the club (he was running it at the time) or even get me in to the ear of the owners and higher-ups to make me a resident DJ at the club. After multiple “no thank you’s” he got frustrated and gave up, but months later would attempt the same thing again. And I’ve heard from multiple others that I’m not the only person that he attempted this with, nor was it a big secret that that was his angle most of the time.