In the first place, all my career I had to deal with the inevitable question: what is it like to be a woman in a male dominated industry? My natural strategy was, at the time, to respond face to face to unacceptable behaviors I was confronted to, but keep low profile in public about it. It worked, that’s how I gained respect from my peers. But it was not enough. It kept on going globally for other women. I experienced rape, sexual harassment & discrimination. Touring with a male producer as part of a duo, he could see I was sometimes not treated equally. Being harassed, instead of getting help, the surrounding would laugh, because that was the norm. We didn’t have a chance to have our feelings, disagreement, pain, taken seriously. I am testifying to encourage everyone, men and women, to NEVER accept anything we don’t agree with and talk about it. The #metoo movement helped me to liberate my voice and overcome traumas BECAUSE IT DOESN’T DEFINE ME and NEVER WILL. And to sincerely thank all the good men and women around me who encouraged me from day one, I wouldn’t be here without you.