My abuser is a co-promoter from a night in Buenos Aires (I worked there so I knew him) and was on the DJ roster, he also was teaching private DJ classes, so I went to take one on one classes with him at his home. I previously had encounters with him, but I didn’t take it seriously, like I was afraid, to lose my job or something like that. One day at a class he puts his hand in my pants, I didn’t know what to do so I kept playing at the CDJS like nothing happened. Another day he pulled his penis out in a middle of a class, saying: “that’s how it gets when I see your Instagram photos and your butt”. Then he started sending me photos and videos touching himself without asking my permission to do so. Once he took me to the bedroom and start kissing me, claiming that he will penetrate me in the mouth, because according to him that’s what I wanted. He also told me that I was only able to grow in my career because of the club night and with his help, that I will be nothing without them. It’s clear that this knocked my self-esteem, self security, etc.

I had another encounter with another man I also know from the same club night, he was really close to my abuser and the companies owner. One time at an after party we were chilling in a house, having a blast, drinking, etc but it was supposed to be a safe place huh? I went to the bathroom and this second guy from the club night went behind me, he put me against the wall and started to kiss me, then he started to touch me, saying that we were going to have sex, I said no, because I was high AF and I didn’t want to, he insisted for too long, I kept saying no, and when I was too tired to argue, I told him to grab a condom at least, someone entered the bathroom and I escaped. He also sent me texts asking to pick me up to have sex, and things like this, he would continue to force kisses on me at parties, like out of nowhere he appeared and did this a lot of times.