Over the course of my career I’ve had a lot of mansplaining, men grabbing me, my ass, my waist etc, but the story that I am traumatized by the most is this one.

At one of the conferences I went with some industry friends to see a friend of mine DJ. I had quite a few drinks that night because I was having a lot of fun. Several of my friends left and I was left there with just a few people backstage. A guy that is now working for one of the biggest Djs in the world and helping run one of the biggest parties in Ibiza decided to come up to me and convince me we should take off and go hook up. I remember him trying to fully sell me on it and it made me feel uncomfortable. He kept coming up to me and saying ‘we should go ..lets go..’. I remember going up to a couple friends saying ‘this guy keeps on trying to get me to go with him and I don’t know how I feel about it.’ I wasn’t in the right state of mind to make a decision like this, he was being really pushy and wouldn’t let it go. Next thing I know I’m in an uber going to this guys Airbnb. I was so intoxicated everything is spotty in my memory and I remember being led into some weird basement. Next thing I know he’s on top of me and I didn’t like it. He could tell I didn’t want to be there with him and so he said I’ll get you dropped off in an uber then. It was awful. I woke up the next day puking my guts out feeling like I had been so violated. This guy totally preyed on me. I have been traumatized by it ever since. I also avoid Ibiza just because of it which is ridiculous because this is what I do for work ..I shouldn’t have to avoid the mecca of electronic music because of this predator. I know several women who have other stories about this guy. I hope one day the truth will come out him because I know he has violated other women.