When I was 24, a prominent agent that I knew from booking one of his artists started chatting with me on Instagram. I was incredibly flattered that he was speaking to me, and was asking questions/getting advice on how I could proceed with my career. Things started out relatively innocuously at first, but a few weeks later I was in a new city and he texted “hey babe” and asked what I was doing. I said I was going to a party, and he offered to intro me to the promoters, which I accepted and thanked him for. I went to the party and had a good time, texting him after to thank him again for the intro. He responded telling me that I “owed him a blowjob” and requesting at least twice that I send him nude photos of me and “come visit him for a week” to hang on the beach. I didn’t accept. I tried to keep up a professional relationship after but he was very cold and dismissive.