When I was 24, I was at a party at a club I was a Saturday resident at. During a high volume week in the spring (events twice a day every night for 10 days), we had a Local DJ play a day party and a special, Famous DJ playing that night (who was known for loving drugs and women despite being married). Local DJ was hammered and was in my face bothering me and touching me repeatedly. I raised my voice and yelled at him (the only time this has ever happened), and since we were at the table to the left of the booth, Famous DJ saw this all go down. Famous DJ invited me into the booth to hang with him, and things were fine, until the end of his set, when he started hitting on me, took my number and told me he’d see me at the after (at another venue). Hours later, he texted me, asking me to go back to his hotel room to hang out (he offered to help me shower and offering a “secret rendezvous”). I declined, knowing he was married. We haven’t spoken since. Local DJ ended up apologizing for his behavior and committing to change a few days later (and he has).