The excitement of playing one of my first overseas gigs around the early 2000’s is what should of been pure joy. I got to travel outside of the UK and play my music abroad. A capital city in one of the Eastern Block countries was my destination. The invitation came through a friend who put me in touch with the promoter, I had no agent at the time. I arrived and met the promoter and his girlfriend, everything seemed above board and professional. I was rewarded with a visit to a beautiful place, to learn about the culture, meet some other international DJ’s, a wonderful dinner, this was me living my dream and more. The party was great I was well looked after, the drinks were flowing and as a young girl I enjoyed to party, it was something that was always part of DJing for me. So after the gig I was dropped at my hotel, I remember drunkenly heading to my room and then passing out in my bed. At some point I awoke not long after to find the promoter in my room, in my bed performing a sexual act on me. I was so drunk I passed out again and then to awake the next morning alone. This is a story I have not shared until now, I was never sure if it happened or I imagined it but it definitely felt real.