It was 2018, like every Saturday I went to dance with my friend. I was really excited, Amelie Lens was playing! I was so anxious that I arrived an hour earlier and stayed close to the front by the DJ Booth all evening. There were many people, we were all very close to the point that you couldn’t see the floor. Suddenly I felt a tap on the shoulder, it was a girl. She said “honey, be careful!”, I looked around and saw nothing. I continued to dance and have fun. A few minutes later, the same girl pushed me, I thought she wanted to hurt me but in reality she was just dodging me from a “man” who had pulled out his penis and was touching himself, right behind me, while looking at me. 

Security intervened after about a minute, after I started screaming like crazy. Fortunately the bouncer saw me right away as I was very close to him and I managed to get noticed. The point is that if I had been in the middle of the dance floor maybe he would have harassed me and no one would have noticed. I felt so small and helpless at the time. I was scared, but the biggest fear was realizing that the worst things happen right in front of everyone’s eyes.