This testimonial is about my very first was my ”manager” who was about 40 years old when I was 16. He picked me up from a DJ competition where he was a judge. He said that he saw a major talent in me and promised me the world. The following years he harassed me online talking about what he would like to do to me and how he dreams about me even though he had a wife and kids. This is also my fault because I was naive. The online messages followed by going to gigs together in other countries where somehow there was a ”mistake” at the hotel and we got only 1 room where there was no other way to fix this, which now thinking about seems so stupid. But I was 16 and I listened to him. So we had to sleep in the same bed and me not expecting anything because I was a virgin and didn’t even think about it – felt his hard dick on me on the middle of the night… Same patterns kept happening all over the years where he spoke like we had the love story of a century and he kept on kissing/touching me randomly at events. I even remember one night where I ran to the club’s promoter scared and asked if I can sleep at her couch because I was too afraid to go to the hotel (because I said no to my manager).

Finally I grew a bit older and realised this is not right and ended my relationship with him. He of course said that I wouldn’t be anything without him but here I am, doing just fine. The saddest part is though that we live in a very small city and I see him often. 7 years later and the cherry on the cake is the fact that my best friend is in love with him and they live together. Nobody knows about this even not her and it’s so hard to keep this dirty little secret that only I and he knows, while my bestie is wanting to marry him. She is also older and is sure that there won’t be any other guys for her. I have thought about this many times. Should I say something to her or let her be happy, because at the end of the day it won’t change anything for her and I was just young and naive.