I was working at major techno festival last year and after work joined my friends and work mates backstage and a promoter who I know and work with was there as well. We were having fun all together but then split up briefly, so I decided to move to another stage and on my way there I bumped into this promoter. I was about to ask where are the others and he then grabbed me and forcefully kissed me on my lips. I managed to push him away, he walked away. I felt very disgusted… I could feel his weight of his disgusting body on mine for hours. I told a couple of friends but they didn’t think it was big of a deal but I felt like withdrawing myself from the scene completely.

Since then I have avoided going out and kept my distance when seeing him at work. I don’t feel safe going out at all now. I’ve seen him since at other festivals, feeling extremely uncomfortable being around him. I also heard he tried it on with other women. I feel like this kind of behavior is widely accepted by many people in the industry and it is time to end this.