Myself and other male DJ/industry friends of mine have had numerous occasions of harassment by the same male DJ. He is a pretty significant figure in the Amsterdam queer scene. During events where we worked/played he’d come up to you, tell you how he thinks you’re “so beautiful” start touching you and groping at groins and nipples. From what I’ve seen he does this mostly to straight guys to kind of shock them or something.

He’s a very kind man, but his behaviour can be inappropriate. It is hard to get mad at him in the moment though because he says things like “you’re the type of guy I could have a very serious relationship with”. I never actually felt afraid or threatened around him (mostly because I knew I could literally pick him up and throw him out of the venue if I wanted to) but I have had to slap away his hands multiple times. Because of #forthemusic and all the stories you and others shared I have realised that his behaviour is not as innocent as it seems and that others may be less unaffected by it. Also, had he done this to women he would have been called out a long time ago I’m sure.

I also feel like this is very common at queer oriented spaces: men getting groped by other men without asking. It has happened to me numerous times. Usually you brush them of like “nah mate not interested” but again: if a man would do this to a women there would be serious consequences and very rightfully so.